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Sears has a complete test facility.

Developing the latest seating technology

Sears has a complete test facility to ensure the quality, comfort and durability of our products both meet and exceed global requirements as well as our customer’s expectations.

Our testing capabilities include, but are not limited to, all types of mechanical testing on components and complete suspension seat assemblies using field-recorded data. We utilize pressure mapping to design a truly comfortable ergonomic seat complete with proper support. Documents and reports provide ergonomic information to aid in selecting cushion material to maximize seat comfort. To configure contours and the foam density of our cushions, industry experts operate our cushion-engineering department.

In addition to pressure mapping, our six-axis ride simulator allows us to test how well our seats protect the intended driver or operator from excessive shock and vibration. Our team takes into effect the natural frequency of the machine, and input vibration frequency, amplitude and direction that are present on the operator platform. With this information, the seat suspension system can be properly designed to isolate the operator from vibrations.

Portable Data Acquisition Equipment is used to collect “real world” ride data from vehicles in the field. It measures the vibration and accelerations within the operator’s environment, copies, analyzes and stores the data for computer reproduction.

These tests allow us to deliver so much more than just a quality product, they allow us to refine and revisit our processes to implement changes that result in a higher level of comfort for our customers.

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