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Quality, durability and comfort drive our dedication to providing seating solutions for truck operators

 It’s simple - we build our truck seats with drivers in mind. We carefully research the market, study the real estate of the vehicle and design our suspension seating based on ergonomics, body size and more. We have redesigned the foam contours, made the seat cushion longer and built our suspensions to withstand the rigorous demands of a variety of road conditions.

Our suspension seats, including our Sears ActiveVRS Magnetic Ride suspension seat, allows operators to maximize performance, with less fatigue and more energy, while enjoying an unmatched level of comfort. By utilizing Magneto-Rheological (MR) fluid technology, our ActiveVRS provides operators an advanced magnetic ride control. As the fluid passes through the piston orifice, the strength of the magnetic field is increased or decreased, depending on the damping needs. The MR technology, coupled with increased processing speed and a new accelerometer design, translates to increased operator satisfaction and higher productivity levels.

We are proud of our reputation as the leading manufacturer of suspension seating for the on-the-road truck markets and are always looking for new opportunities to produce seats that offer operators greater comfort, stability, rigidity and over-all better ride performance. Are you a driver or fleet owner? Request Sears seats on your new truck here.

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Over the Road

Over the Road

Our seating solutions not only offer an unmatched level of comfort, but reduce a driver’s exposure to whole body vibration


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Are you looking to locate a new or replacement seat for your work vehicle? Sears offers a variety of modular seat options for the agriculture, construction, forestry, industrial, turf care and on highway truck industries. Find a Sears Seating dealer near you or contact your local OEM dealership.

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