John Deere Active Suspension Seat

Active Suspension System

The first Active Suspension Seat was developed with Deere & Co. in 2001. The new innovation consisted of a hydraulically powered accuator, valve, contoller, sensor system that acts upon the suspension linkage to negate the effects of the vehicle inputs.

  • Senses and compensates for vertical movements, and it can isolate up to 90% of the vertical seat movements.
  • Speed sensitive to provide superior ride performance regardless of the terrain, which reduces body mass vibrations. This puts less strain on the operator, reducing fatigue and increases productivity.

Suspension PerformanceActive Suspension SchematicSuspension Performance

Semi-active Suspension System

Semi-Active SuspensionSears’ semi-active suspension system (VRS2000) offers improved vibration reduction. The system incorporates the Lord Motion master semi-active damper which is controlled by a microprocessor.

Electronic signals transmitted by position sensors and/or accelerometers allow the controller to monitor ride based on vehicle inputs and make appropriate damping adjustments. MR fluid within the Lord damper changes viscosity when exposed to magnetic field (created by controller) and can vary the strength of magnetic field to compensate automatically from soft to stiff depending on ride inputs.

The technology behind the VRS2000 Semi-active suspension seat earned Sears one of the Top 50 new innovative products by SAE, and won an AE50 award.

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