Sears Seating is committed to technology including:

INNOVATION – Sears Seating is constantly working with new technologies to improve ride performance and comfort.

ERGONOMICS – Sears Seating is committed to the proper design of equipment for worker safety, comfort and productivity.

Envision the Future -LX Concept Seat:

What will the seat of the future look like and how will it function? Sears Seating believes the seat will be a major component of the vehicle. The LX Concept Seat is what we see as the future…

LX SeatIntuitive and easily accessible seat and tractor controls.

  • Seat controls are primarily located on the left control console
  • Tractor controls are located on the right control console, and include but not limited to:
    • Auto speed control with end of row preselect
    • Manual throttle
    • Manual gear selector
    • Hydraulics
  • Semi-Active Suspension system with ride mode selector (soft, medium, firm)
  • Eight (8) way power controls
    • Fore/aft ( + or -), recliner (+ or -), height (+ or -), control consoles combination of fore/aft and height adjust
  • Four (4) way power latch system
    • Swivel (latch and unlatch), fore/aft / lateral isolator (latch and unlatch)
  • Manual seat cushion thigh and tilt adjustments
  • Integrated adjustable upper back rest
  • Heated and ventilated cushions
  • Leather upholstery
Left Control Console Right Control Console
LX Seat Left Control Console LX Seat Right Control Console
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