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Sears Seating is committed to designing and producing seating solutions for the future.

The leader in suspension seating for the work vehicle industry

From our first scissor type suspension design to our latest generation of Sears suspensions that feature computer controlled damping characteristics and “active” technology, Sears Seating is committed to designing and producing seating solutions for the future.

We take pride in supplying suspensions that not only vary in performance, stroke and configuration, but are engineered to reduce operator exposure to Whole Body Vibration (WBV). This reduction in WBV lessens operator fatigue and reduces the likelihood of stress related injuries that can occur from vibration exposure in the seated position.

We’ve taken seat suspension to an entirely new level with our new Toggle Link Swing Suspension (TLS). We’ve added advanced features to optimize the end user experience including scissor structure geometry and stroke, high-strength swinging toggles, integrated air reservoir, evolved damping packages and redesigned fore/aft isolation. All together, these innovations create a 17% ride improvement and best-in-class ride performance.

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Are you looking to locate a new or replacement seat for your work vehicle? Sears offers a variety of modular seat options for the agriculture, construction, forestry, industrial, turf care and on highway truck industries. Find a Sears Seating dealer near you or contact your local OEM dealership.

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