Company tagline which is Work Hard. Work Comfortably.
Sears Comfort Lab. Picture of Sears seats.
Comfort Lab

Our state-of-the-art test facility drives the empirical data behind comfort

It’s the physical science behind comfort that drives us to do more as a team of technical experts and we take pride in the level of physical object research and empirical data we have produced to optimize comfort.

Complete with the latest testing equipment, our ComfortLab employs the latest technologies to find the perfect foams, test climate control systems and create ergonomic, correctly contoured, healthy seats for a wide range of applications. In order to design and build for the best in the industry, we invest substantial time replicating field work to enhance the performance of our seats pinpointing particular high-pressure points in the body using our Dynamic Pressure Mapping System and testing for durability to make sure our seats last.

Not only do these tests assure that our products meet the global requirements for performance, reliability and safety, they allow us to design and build for the future – with a level of technical expertise unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

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